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Full Day Kruger Safari

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Our Full-Day Kruger National Park Safari offers the opportunity for intimate wildlife encounters, spectacular photo opportunities, and the chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. With a sumptuous picnic lunch amid the wilderness, this experience is designed to ensure that you savor every moment of your South African safari adventure. Come join us and let the untamed beauty of Kruger National Park leave an indelible mark on your heart.



05:30 AM: Early Rise

Your adventure begins as the sun rises, where you'll be picked up from your accommodation in the Kruger area. Make sure to have your camera ready!
06:00 AM: Enter Kruger National Park

As you enter the park, be on the lookout for the first signs of wildlife. Your experienced guide will provide insights into the park's history and what to expect during the day.
08:30 AM: Breakfast in the Wild

Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast at one of the park's designated rest areas while keeping an eye out for passing wildlife.

10:00 AM: Game Drive
Continue your safari, searching for Africa's iconic Big Five and other fascinating animals, such as zebras, antelopes, and more.

12:30 PM: Picnic Lunch
Savor a delicious picnic lunch amidst the breathtaking landscape of Kruger National Park. This is a moment to relax and reflect on the morning's wildlife encounters.

02:30 PM: Game Drive Continues

Resume your quest for wildlife, exploring different areas of the park to increase your chances of sightings. Don't forget to look up for birdlife too.
04:30 PM: Sunset Safari

As the day winds down, experience the magic of a Kruger sunset and capture the beauty of the African savannah in the soft golden light.

06:00 PM: Return to Accommodation
Head back to your accommodation with a heart filled with incredible memories, wildlife sightings, and photographs to cherish.
Please note that this itinerary may vary depending on the specific tour company or guide, as well as the seasonal and wildlife conditions in Kruger National Park. However, it is designed to give you a general idea of what to expect during a full-day safari adventure in this remarkable African wilderness.

Package excludes

  • Food
  • Sunblock
  • Conservation Fee

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Full Day Kruger Safari
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